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About Me

With my writing, I go by chance and I'm @digital-chance on tumblr.

  • name: chance
  • dob: 2003
  • pronouns : they/he
  • gender presentation: agender/non-binary
  • likes : cyberpunk, romance, anime, music, history, design, internet stuff

i tend to swear both on here and in my writing, so if you're sensitive to that, i don't think my blog or work is for you. i also use (& reclaim) the word 'queer' since i self-identify as such.

My Writing

you'll find a lot of diverse characters, the found/chosen family trope, romance or rom-com, angst, and references to actual history or historical events within my work. sometimes i throw in a little art fact since i'm an art student. in nearly every one of my works you can find a prominent lgbtq+ character, too.

i write for original works and fanfiction alike. i often alternate what project i'm writing on and tend to leave wips unfinished. there's no one specific fandom that i'm in since i tend to dabble in everything.

i enjoy reading all sorts of stories, but some of the tropes and genres that have a special place in my heart include:

  • [ genres : romance . action . sci-fi . dystopian . heists . cyberpunk . horror . comedy . mystery ]
  • [ tropes : friends to lovers , enemies to lovers , fake/pretend relationship , college au , coffee shop au , domestic , fluff , angst ]

find my full intro here.

Works List


  • Nova Futurum: A LGBTQ+ Dystopian and Cyberpunk novel [cyberpunk, sci-fi, romance]
  • Scars of Duty: A 'Hero x Villain' story [superhero, action, romance]
  • Matchbreakers: The opposite of Matchmakers. [slice of life, lgbtq+ romance]
  • more to come


  • You Still Would've Been Mine: [stucky or stevebucky] as historically accurate as possible & character study. essentially i'm fixing whatever i didn't like in the mcu + endgame
  • more to come


I'm most active about writing on my tumblr. Contact me there if you have any questions or concerns.


I reserve the full rights to all writings posted, with the exception of fanfiction characters. I do not allow people to repost my works anywhere, the only approved postings have been linked within this site - any others are not approved. Do not feed my writing into ai/chat-bots.

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