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welcome to my website!

this is where i post all sorts of things that interest me. snippets of my writing, pixel/blinkies/etc collections, shrines for my fav things, and more! i'm moving away from hotlinking images so if you see any, i haven't gotten to it yet. (you didn't see anything)

as i'm a beginner in both html and css, please excuse the mess. many pages or features don't work yet.

to do:
  • add collection pages
  • finish working on writing pages
  • add site music
  • add navigation buttons on subpages
  • adjust links
  • add individual writing pages
  • remove all hotlinked imgs

to find the fansites, cliques, and webrings i've joined, please click here. you can also find some of my favorite sites here on neocities and across the web.

my sorted blinkies and buttons are right here!

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